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3rd Party Integration

Rocket.Chat OAuth Setup

Published: April 7, 2019 | Updated: April 7th, 2019
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WP OAuth Server is designed and tested with Rocket Chat and provides OAuth Single Sign-On. Setup is simple and only take a few minutes.

NOTE: Rocket Chat OAuth will not work with local installs of WordPress. The WordPress website with WP OAuth Server installed MUST be public.

Setting up WP OAuth Server

Create a new client by visiting “OAuth Server” in the main admin menu in WordPress.

  1. Ensure “Authorization Code” is checked
  2. Leave the Redirect URI field empty
  3. Click “Create Client”
  4. Take note of the Client ID and Client Secret. Keep this window open for easier access.
  5. Visit Rocket Chat to configure the OAuth Service.

Setting up Rocket Chat

Open Rocket Chat and log into the system as an administrator or a user with administrator privileges.

Go to Administration -> OAuth -> Add Custom OAuth -> Enter Your OAuth Server Name (any name)

WP OAuth Server is set up with Provider discovery so most of the endpoints will auto-populate but you should double check them just to be sure. Follow the configuration settings below.

  • Enable: True
  • URL: The URL where WP OAuth Server is installed. (no trailing slash /)
  • Token Path: /oauth/token/
  • Token Sent By: Payload
  • Identify Token Sent Via: Same As
  • Identity Path: /oauth/me/
  • Authorize Path: /oauth/authorize/
  • Scope: openid
  • ID: The client ID from the WP OAuth Server window left open.
  • Secret: The client Secret from the WP OAuth Server window left open.
  • Login Style: Popup (your preference)
  • Username Field: user_login
  • Merge Users: True

Once the settings have been saved, Rocket Chat will now work with your WordPress users using OAuth Single Sign-On. Rocket Chat’s login window will now have a login button for Single Sign-On similar to the image below.