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Enabling Single Sign On for WordPress

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WordPress does not come with Single Sign On (SSO) built into its core. We have built a Single Sign On client for WordPress that allows any WP site to connect to any other WordPress site that is running WP OAuth Server.

Why would a WordPress website need a Single Sign On client for WP OAuth Server?

In many cases, a larger company wants to launch small quick sites outside of their main site. This is common for Microsoft and other companies. They tend to call these sites popups or satellite sites. More times than not the satellite site needs to use some user data from the main site and to do this, professionals turn to OAuth 2.0.

We have developed a Single Sign On client WordPress plugin that makes it super easy to link one WordPress site to another WordPress site. The Plugin can be found at https://wordpress.org/plugins/single-sign-on-client/ and if completely free. Simply setup WP OAuth Server on your main site. Then install the Client plugin on any other WordPress site. The SSO plugin adds a plugin to the login page of WordPress that allows SSO from the main site.

Download the SSO plugin: https://wordpress.org/plugins/single-sign-on-client/

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