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3rd Party Integration Integration

Published: December 2, 2020 | Updated: December 2nd, 2020
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Integrating with is extremely simple and mainly requires just some connection configuration in your community settings of Tribe.

Add the OAuth 2 App to your Tribe Community

In order to complete the integration easier, we suggest that you start by adding the OAuth 2 app to your Tribe Community. You must be an admin of your community to do so.

Visit “Admin Settings” in the dropdown under your profile avatar in the upper right hand of the screen. Then click on “Apps” in the left menu.

Search for and install the app called “OAuth 2 SSO

Once it is installed there will be a link at the bottom of the left menu for the OAuth 2 SSO settings. Click into the settings and take note of the redirect URI provided in the settings. Copy this URI for the next step.

Create a new OAuth Client in WP OAuth Server

Hover over “OAuth Server” in the WordPress admin menu and click on “Clients“. Click to add a new client.

Add a name to the client (any name) and paste the redirect URI from the settings page of your Tribe App settings. Once you have a name added, ensure that “Authorization Code” is checked under grant type and click “Create Client

When the page refreshed you will see a Client ID and Client Secret. Take these values and paste them into your Tribe SSO App setting appropriately.

Finalize the Tribe SSO App Configuration

You will still need to enter some endpoint information for Tribe to work correctly. Use the following setting to finish setting up Tribe OAuth 2 SSO.

Replace the curly brackets ( {} ) with your WordPress domain name.

Authorization URLhttps://{}/oauth/authorize
Token URLhttps://{}/oauth/token
User Info URLhttps://{}/oauth/me
Pass access token as query stringChecked
Client IDCopied from WP OAuth Server
Client SecretCopied from WP OAuth Server

You are done. Now all you have to do it test the setup. We suggest you use a different browser or clear your cache when testing. You will have better testing if you use a new browser to test.

Testing the Connection

  • Log out of both WordPress and Tribe.
  • Visit your community and click on “Log In”.
  • You would be presented with your WordPress login page. Enter your WordPress login.

If all is well, you will be taken back to your Tribe community logged in as the user you used in WordPress.

Contact if you are experiencing any issues and need assistance.