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3rd Party Integration

Enable User Consent Dialog

Published: October 4, 2018 | Updated: November 30th, 2020
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Consent Dialog requires version 3.4.1 or greater

The consent dialog works like any other dialog like Google or Facebook and gives the user the ability to allow access to their data.

User Consent  “Consent” is the action by an owner or user that authorizes access to protected information. Consent is only requested when using the “Authorization Code” grant type.

WP OAuth Server has disabled this feature by default in the past and will continue to disable it by default in the future. If you would like for WP OAuth Server to request permission from the user, you will need to use the filter below.

add_filter( 'wo_use_grant_request', '__return_true' );

The filter can be added to your themes functions.php file or to a plugin. Creating a custom plugin for extending functions is highly recomended.

See how to create a custom hook using a plugin by visiting