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Connect Mobile Apps

Connect native mobile applications to WordPress securely. Use WP info including user login to add login to your mobile app.

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Connect Desktop Software

Connecting desktop software is extremely simple. WP OAut Server allows a secure connection to enhance your project.

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Simple Single Sign On

Also known as SSO, WP OAuth Server uses the industry standards to allow you to connect to other websites.

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A simple OAuth 2 Client all in a WordPress plugin

How does WP OAuth Server work

WP OAuth Server was built to solve problems and save money by providing a fast, secure, and professional foundation for OAuth 2.0 in WordPress.

  • Reliable and secure base built using WP coding standards
  • Allows communication from virtually any device
  • Provides Single Sign On from WP to any platform/website
  • Uses WP core to authenticate WP REST API requests

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We offer live chat as well as dedicated ticket support with all purchases of WP OAuth Server.

Live Chat

For business license holders and up, you will have access to live chat

Dedicated Tickets

All valid license holders will have access to dedicated ticket support.


Ensure that your project is being done the best way possible with project consulting.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Got questions? We have got the best answers for you.

What is a site?

A "site"; when referring to the different levels of a license, defines a single domain being used. Subdomains are considered a seperate domain and will be counted in the total count of domains (sites).

Is WP OAuth Server Secure?

YES! We pride ourselves on the security of our work. WP OAuth Server is designed and developed by WordPress leaders in the industry. We even have WP Core Developers members on our team!

How can I upgrade my license?

Upgrading your license is simple. Use the little contact feature in the bottom right of our site. Simply tell support your license and they will provide you with a pro-rated upgrade link.

Is WP OAuth Server Enterprise Level?

Yes. WP OAUth Server is installed locally and publicly on large scale sites including Universities, Banks and even government sites.

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