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Provide Single Sign On directly from your WordPress website to any platform.

Spend more time on the things that matter.

WP REST API Authentication

Make authenticated requests to the REST API securely. No more dangerous Basic Auth.

Provide Single Sign On

Communicate between WordPress and any other client and or device securely.

Custom WordPress API

If you forgo the REST API, you can build your own API with the resource server.

Connecting any device to WordPress is as simple as installing a plugin.

WP OAuth Server is easy to install and will allow you to connect virtually any device you want to WordPress. WordPress Single Sign On extends to Mobile Applications, Desktop Software, jQuery OAuth clients, Node.js, and many others.

Secure User Authentication

WP OAuth Server hooks directly into WordPress's core authorization framework and allows you to makes calls as if the user was doing it.

Client Authorization

You devices and clients can connect to WordPress and make requests, pushes and deletions securely without having to adjust a app password a crossed all clients.

WP OAuth Server - Device Support - WordPress OAuth User Authentication
WP OAuth Server - 30 Days Money back

Try Now, 100% No-risk guarantee program

Simply try it for 30 days risk-free! You are absolutely protected by our 100% No-Risk Guarantee Program. If somehow WP OAuth Server is not what you are looking for or you'll simply decide to cancel it over the next 30 days, just let us know & we'll send you an instant refund. No questions asked.

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