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Connect with WordPress

Use WordPress to provide Single Sign-On or power your mobile apps or desktop software. Authenticate with WP JSON API from anywhere.

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For Every Level
OAuth 2.0 is complicated but our WordPress plugin is designed for every level of user or developer.
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Well Documented
We know that a product with awesome documentation is better than just an awesome product. View our documentation.
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Highly Extendable
Add custom user data, use 3rd party data like MemberPress and other popular plugins. Our documentation will help you out.


With WordPress OAuth Server, you can connect to just about every type of software. Our product has predefined grant types to make any connection type possible.

Simple Website Single Sign On

Provide Single Sign On to other websites using your WordPress users login.

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“We connected 4 websites to our main WP site.”
WP OAuth Server Client Configuration

Connect Mobile Apps to WordPress

Using the data from users, posts, and plugins helps enhance the possibilities of any mobile application. The most popular is allow your WordPress users to log into your mobile app using their user WP Login.

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“We use WP OAuth Server for the Our Barberton Mobile App.”
Log in to a mobile app using WordPress Credentials.

Software powered by WordPress

Power your desktop software with WordPress and its user data. Provide seamless and secure login to create the best UX possible.

“We've Changed the Game”


Our plugin is designed and tested for small to enterprise size projects. WP OAuth Server is scalable, fast, and secure. Our product is used by some massive players around the world.
Duke University
Harvard University
Georgia State University
Share America
UK Government
Future Forest


We understand that you may have questions about our WordPress plugin; WP OAuth Server.
No. Often times our product is mistaken as an SSO client. This is OK but we are sorry to inform you that our plugin is not designed to allow SSO to Social media sites like Facebook or Twitter.
Our pricing for WP OAuth Server runs on site licensing. A site is determined by a domain name including sub domains. A single site license is designed for 1 domain. Non public sites such as localhost's are not considered a site thus not counting towards your registered site count.
Non-profits and educational systems do receive a discount. Please contact our support for more details.
Yes. We do offer a 30 money back refund for setups where WP OAth Server fails to work as expected. With this said, "expected" is a relative term. We handle refunds on a case by case basis. We encourage you to reach out to support about any questions you may have before you make a purchase.
We pride ourselves on support. We provide all current customers of WP OAuth Server support through our ticket system and live chat. We also provide phone support as well. Support is different than custom development or snippet development. If we can help with code without taking away from other customers we will. Custom development needs will require a statement of work and a plan. We also provide consulting as long as the consulting is not excessive.
Yes. Our main business consist of custom development at affordable rates. We specialize is authentication needs between WordPress and other systems. We also provide code auditing.
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