Firewall and Brute Force Protection for WP OAuth Server

WP OAuth Server Firewall

Current Version: 2.0.0

Provides WP OAuth Server with reasonable protection against brute force attacks.

Just like the XMLRPC exploit in WordPress, attackers can ping the OAuth server using bogus credentials. The likely hood that an attacker could even come close to gaining access is limited as is. This plugin uses a simple algorithm to throttle failed authentication attacks to any and all REST API endpoints that use OAuth2.

You can also whitelist IP’s and only allow them to connect to the OAuth Server. This is helpful when you only have a few clients on a private network and want to block all incoming traffic expect the traffic allowed.


  • Monitor and ban authorized connections to the OAuth Server
  • Throttle failed log in attempts
  • Ban all incoming connections while allowing whitelisted access by IP
  • IPv4 and IPv6 Supported
  • Unlimited License

This plugin requires WP OAuth Server 3.2+


  • WP OAuth Server (Unlimited)
  • Firewall Add-on
  • Access Logs Add-on
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