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WP OAuth Server Licensing

If you have any questions please contact our
Support Team.

Our license model is very simple. Each license option dictates how many sites you are wanting to install WP OAuth Server on. All license options are valid for 1 year from the date of purchase and allow for ticket support.

  • Personal License: 1 site
  • Business License: 3 Sites
  • Developer License: Unlimited Sites
Personal Business Developer
Install on 1 site Install on 3 sites Install on Unlimited Sites
1 Year Upgrade Access 1 Year Upgrade Access 1 Year Upgrade Access
Email Support Ticket Support Ticket Support

FAQ About Licenses

Can I include WP OAuth Server in my application?

Sure you can, but including WP OAuth Server in any third party applications (outside of Justin Greer Interactive, LLC) for internal or external distribution voids all license agreements between Justin Greer Interactive, LLC and the purchaser of WP OAuth Server. Support and updates will be null and void an no longer provided. The license key provided at the time of purchase will become invalid.

Is a License Transferable?

A license is not transferable unless permission and consent is provided in writing by Justin Greer Interactive, LLC.

Do I have to renew my license?

Do you? No… Should You? YES!!! WP OAuth Server receives security updates regularly. Not renewing your license will mean that you loose access to the updates. With WordPress becoming more popular than ever, it becomes a larger target for attackers. The WP OAuth Server teams keeps up with the latest threats. In the case that a threat is found that may effect WP OAuth Server, a patch is developed and an update is pushed out as fast as possible. If you do not have a license these updates will not be able to happen.

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