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COVID and WP OAuth Server

If you have any questions please contact our
Support Team.
COVID and WP OAuth Server

COVID and WP OAuth Server

During these hard times, everyone is having to make some changes around the office, home, and daily routine. Here at Dash10 Digital, there is no difference. Everything from the time we start to how we get our coffee has had to change.

Our focus has been the safety of our clients and customers above all. In doing so, some things may be a bit slower than normal. Our services for support may be a bit behind, and we apologize. Not only did we have to change our structure, but we had to change how we operate.

All staff is now remote and services have been moved to cloud based platforms. The transition has been tough and caused some issues, but we l promise you that we are still here. As we work through the kinks internally, we are doing it so that you experience minimal impact.

If you have issue with support, please email as our ticket manager has been experiencing issues.

Thank you for your continued support and understandinng.

The WP OAuth Server Support Team

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