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WP OAuth Server 3.6 Released

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WP OAuth Server 3.6 Released

WP OAuth Server 3.6 Released

Hello All,

Today we released WP OAuth Server 3.6.0 into the wild. if you have not already received the notice in your WordPress admin panel about the update, you will shortly. The update to 3.6 has some very big updates. Some of these updates may cause some headache for plugins that are heavily extended.

We sent out an email last week informing of the big change that was coming to WP OAuth Server. We decided to change the namespace being used from ‘OAuth2‘ to now be ‘WPOAuth2‘. There was a lot of reports that there was namespace conflicts with other authorization plugins. We thought through the issues that could happen and determined that there risk was worth the update.

Updating Your Extension

Updating is relatively simple. If you extension was using the OAuth2 namespace, simply change that namespace to be WPOAuth2. The paths for the namespace have remained the same. Simply changing the namespace should work in most cases.


As always, support is just a click away. If you have any issues or notice bugs, please contact us and let us know via a support ticket. We would be glad to help.

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