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WP OAuth Server Update 3.5.8 Released

Posted: Wednesday April 18, 2018

Today we have released a minor update for WP OAuth Server. This update contains a patch and addresses a HUGE performance issue that was brought to our attention.

Older versions of WP OAuth Server would store expired tokens and would never remove them. You can imagine the performance impact this could make on a system that has a 100K requests a day. The fix contained in the 3.5.8 update now cleans house every hour to ensure that any site running WP OAuth Server, runs at its best all the time.

All previous versions of WP OAuth Server are subject to the performance issue and should be updated immediately. You can update WP OAuth Server from within your plugin dashboard or you can download the latest version by visiting your account.

As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please open a support ticket.

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