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Road Map for WP OAuth Server 3.5

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Road Map for WP OAuth Server 3.5

Road Map for WP OAuth Server 3.5

The team at Dash1o Digital has been working hard to maintain WP OAuth Server over the past few months. We felt that it was time to start pushing to fully support new features for the project. Since the beginning of the project, we have partially supporting JWT Authentication for the WordPress API. JWT’s were supported in solely for the use with OpenID Connect. Starting around version 3, WP OAuth Server supported a form of Application Passwords. This feature was to make “Client Credentials” possible.

We have decided that for version 3.5 of WordPress OAuth Server, we are going to work on adding full support for features.

Features Include

  • WordPress JWT Authentication
  • Application Passwords
  • Better Scope Support
  • More in-depth Public API
  • Plugin Beta feature for new features.

We have even thrown around the idea of adding OAuth 1.0a support for WordPress into the plugin as well. We are not sure we want to mix the different OAuth flows together at this point but it is on the table.

The road map for these updates is set for November 2018. We are hoping that is all goes right with testing, that we may be able to push a bit early. Keep an eye out for more updates. If you have anything you would like to add, contact us and let us know.

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