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WP OAuth Server 3.2.6 Released

If you have any questions please contact our
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WP OAuth Server 3.2.6 Released

WP OAuth Server 3.2.6 Released

Today I released version 3.2.6 of WP OAuth Server. This updated contains some mostly enhancments including:

  • Localization. WP OAuth Server now has the ability  to support multiple languages. If you are up to the task, I will give a free 1 year license to WP OAuth Server for each language you translate the plugin to.
  • Ability to regenerate client secrets on demand using the client manager in WP OAuth Server.
  • Fixed bug in the core security checks in WP OAuth Server. This fixes the issues were WP OAuth Server would tell you that there was a security issue.

It is recommended that you update as soon as you get the time to do so. If you have any troubles upgrading, please create a support ticket with your license key in the subject.


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