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WP OAuth Server 3.2.0 Released

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WP OAuth Server 3.2.0 Released

WP OAuth Server 3.2.0 Released

We have released version 3.2.0 of WP OAuth Server. There is some HUGE changes with the plugin this time around. As of this morning, we have updated how our license works and how the plugin is delivered. Version 3.2.0 and greater will now be hosted on our servers. Our servers will deliver updates directly instead of using WordPress’s repo. This is to ensure that we have better control over how how software is delivered.

License holders of older versions of WP OAuth Server can updated to the new license at no cost. Once you upgrade your license we ask that you please submit a support ticket so we can ensure your account was updated.

3.2.0 Includes the following updates.

  • Firewall merged into brute protect and offered as a add-on if needed for all license holders.
  • File monitoring for main library. This helps prevent core changes by 3rd parties.
  • Modified to handle core updates from our servers.

FAQ about the change

  • If my license expires, can I still use WP OAuth Server?
    Yes, but all upgrades and support will stop unlit the license is renewed. This applies to even security updates.
  • How can I upgrade from on older license?
    Log into your account, and proceed to checkout as normal with 3.2.0. Your total should be $0. If not, please submit a ticket at
  • Where can I download the firewall from and why is it separate?
    The firewall is separate because we did not want to clutter core with features that some may not use. You can download the firewall add-on for free at wordpress-oauth-server-firewall.

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