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Restructuring WP OAuth Server

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Restructuring WP OAuth Server

Restructuring WP OAuth Server

About a month ago, we sent out an email about how there was some structural changes that was going to be happening with WP OAuth Server.


Starting with version 3.1.91, WP OAuth Server will be split/stripped down so that the plugin can be better maintained. The overall goal of our original development plan was to keep the framework simple, and extendable. Although WP OAuth Server still falls within our tolerance, we feel that the roadmap will be come cluttered and bloated given the current plans to progress to the next level.

The Add-on World

In order top grow WP OAuth Server without bloating the framework, we are going to take the add-on approach. This way, each and every instance of WP OAuth Server will can be as lightweight as possible. Some add-ons will be free while others can be downloaded at a reasonable and fair price.

We will also be doubling down on the documentation to help developers grow WP OAuth Server for their own needs and help contribute to the community project.

Terminology Change

Since the beginning we have used some terminology that may or may not have made sense. For example, “WP OAuth Server License“. Well… This was not really a license but rather premium support with the ability to unlock some features for advance configuration.

The term “WP OAuth Server License” will no longer be used after Jan 1st, and in its place, we will start using “Premium Support” or something on those lines (we are still figuring it out).


We have been working on a new color scheme and and website. Don’t be surprised when you see the site change on Jan 1st. AS long as the URL still says, you will be in the right spot.


  • The plugin will have OAuth2\Storage space cleaned up and only support WordPress database connection.
  • Actions and filters will be documented in doc blocks and may be implanted as needed.


This version will start the new plugin layout in the admin area. (EDIT: New layout started in version 3.1.92)

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