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Error on Upgrade

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Error on Upgrade

Error on Upgrade

I woke up this morning with a mailbox full of notifications. These notifications were letting me know that there was a problem with the latest push (3.1.92) of WP OAuth Server. After looking into the matter (more like running around frantically), I found that there was a mistake on our part. We forgot to add and commit a new file to the repo.

So What Happened?

Normally after all the changes are made and we are ready to push an update, I personally to test the software. The software upgrade passed and I added the file to my local SVN. This time I did not check the plugin after the push to the WordPress Repo. This resulted in there being a fatal error when upgrading or installing for the first time.

I personally take full responsibility for the issue but stay calm and don’t panic!

The FIX!

The fix is pretty straight forward. Either re download the latest version of WP OAuth Server at and FTP the files overtop the old plugin files, or delete WP OAuth Server from your WP and re install it using the built in feature in WP.

As always ensure that you create backups before attempting anything! If you are having issues still after preforming the above, please visit and submit a detailed support ticket.

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