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Version 3.1.9 Released

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Version 3.1.9 Released

Version 3.1.9 Released

Today we released version 3.1.9 of WP OAuth Server (aka oauth2-provider). The updates are minor but there is some new items that are note worthy.

  • Prior to this version there was an oversight in the default lifetime of refresh tokens. The issue was that refresh tokens that were issued using default settings were invalid an hour after creation. The default lifetime has now been changed to 10 days.
  • Under certain circumstances, the WP OAuth Server would re-write the htaccess file on every request. There is not a check in place to see if WP OAuth Server really needs to rewrite or not.
  • A new action has been added to the core. wp_set_access_token is ran before the WP OAuth Server creates a new access token.
  • Some code refactoring for future scalability.

As always, it is a good idea to create a backup of your DB and upgrade to version 3.1.9.

If you experience any trouble while upgrading, please submit a support request at


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